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· Eggplant, Fry after dipping in salted water before frying for the au natural taste

· Potato storage

· Cooking potatoes without crushing

· How to boil potatoes deliciously
· Sprinkle garlic powder on freshly roasted fish for an exquisite flavor

· Deodorizing eggs

· Easy way to make meatball

· How to wash fruits cleanly
· How to prevent cookies from gathering moisture

· How to soften food items which have hardened

· How to clean oysters

· How to prevent oil from splashing when frying
· Maintain the color of peeled apple

· Long storage of honey

· Recipe for leftover sandwiches

· Using frozen bread as starch powder
· Maintain taste of meat with starch

· Fresh squids have clear eyes

· How to store minced garlic

· How to store eggs
· Boiling eggs

· How to batter with eggs

· How to remove chicken odor

· How to deodorize carrots
· How to remove pork fat

· How to roast pork

· To fully utilize nutrition of pork

· How to store tofu and apple
· How to drain tofu

· The order of mixing ingredients for salad dressing

· Hint of salt for much better tasting coffee

· Removing extra moisture of salad with peanuts
· To remove fish scales using plastic wrap box

· How to squeeze a lemon

· How to prevent garlic breath

· How to remove spiciness of garlic
· Dried mushrooms are more nutritious

· How to store mayonnaise

· How to prepare delicious chicken

· How to store leftover hams
· How to deodorize old rice

· Making dish with flour

· To prevent bananas from blackening

· To make crispy batter-fried dishes
· How to store chestnuts for a long period of time

· How to prevent bread from softening up using butter

· Cutting breads and butters neatly

· Cutting breads-poached eggs neatly
· How to deodorize shrimps

· Vinegar for salads

· How to roast fish neatly

· How to remove fish scales and peel potatoes and carrots
· How to remove fish smell before cooking

· For tasty pot roast or roast with fish

· How to expel ants from sugar

· Deodorize and tenderize beef and pork meats
· How to wash too salty food

· How to store salt

· Salt enhances sweetness of strawberries?

· How to prevent sausages from bursting
· How to keep a watermelon cool

· Enjoy watermelon with salt

· How to dilute salty soup

· How to select spinaches
· How to store spinaches

· Revive wilted vegetables

· Less salt seasoning for cool dishes

· How to maintain freshness of beans
· How to select fresh and taste meat

· How to choose fresh oysters

· How to select fresh cabbage

· How to select fresh crabs
· How to select fresh eggs

· How to select fresh chicken

· How to select fresh shrimps

· How to peel almonds easily
· Stir fry vegetables at high temperature to prevent water oozing out

· How to boil vegetables

· How to maintain vivid color of vegetables

· How to store cabbages
· How to remove agrochemicals from cabbages

· How to prevent ice from melting down

· How to make ice transparent

· How to remove puckery taste of lotus root
· Use lemon juice to sour up heated food

· How to select cucumber

· If you have hard time slicing cucumbers neatly

· How to deodorize milk
· How to enjoy coffee beans' flavor

· Fat brings out the flavor

· How to defrost meats and clams

· How to enjoy instant coffee
· How to utilize odd ends of bread

· How to tenderize thin fish bones

· How to select tofu

· How to remove sands from clams
· To bring out natural flavor of clams

· How to tenderize meat

· How to relieve salty and pungent flavor

· Seasoning curry to its perfection & Serving leftover curry
· Curry is too thin

· Reuse dip-frying oil with coffee filter

· How to expel insect from cauliflower and broccoli

· How to ripen kiwis
· How to store carbonated beverages

· How to boil pastas without overflowing

· How to remove preservatives and colorants from hams

· Cautions to be taken selecting slice-packaged fish
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